7_Questions_to_Ask_Your_Bathroom_ Remodel_Contractors

7 Questions to Ask Your Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting endeavor for homeowners. When it’s finished, both the functionality and appearance of your bathroom will be improved, allowing you to take comfort in your new space and ease your daily routine. While you may already know what you want in terms of a bathroom remodel contractor, here are a few key questions you can ask to narrow down your decision. 

1. Do you have a portfolio I can see?

A portfolio of past projects will provide a glimpse into what the contractor can do for you. While each project will naturally reflect the homeowners’ personal style, the quality of work should be on par with your expectations. 

2. Do you take on projects of this scope?

Bathrooms can range significantly in size, which will affect the scope of the project. It’s therefore important to make sure that the contractor you’re considering has taken on a project similar to yours in the past. For instance, a luxury master bath may demand more expertise than a smaller guest bathroom, but leading contractors have the versatility to conquer projects of all different scopes and sizes.

3. How many projects are ongoing at the same time?

This is an important question to ask, as the answer could be telling in terms of how much time and attention will be dedicated to your project. The fewer jobs a contractor takes on at once, the more you can count on strong communication, attention to detail, and timely completion.

4. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

These must-have qualities protect the interests of both parties in the event that an injury should happen on the job, so make sure your contractor can answer “yes” to this question.

5. What will the workflow look like?

A bathroom remodel may naturally disrupt your home life to some degree, but remember that it’s only temporary and the results will be well worth it. Of course, knowing what to expect in advance can make the process smoother for everyone. Ask your contractor which days of the week and hours they’ll be in your home. You can also request a projected timeline, bearing in mind that unexpected delays could always occur as a result of issues like hidden plumbing problems. 

6. What is the payment schedule?

The contractor should provide a clear estimate that breaks down the cost of the job. Once you have that, you can then discuss the payment schedule. Understanding the terms in advance will allow you to budget accordingly. 

7. Do you have any specific recommendations for our space?

While you may already have the complete vision of your dream bathroom, it never hurts to ask for some professional input. For example, your contractor may have suggestions for flooring that will stand up better to heavy traffic in the most frequently used bathroom of the house or design elements that require less maintenance than the ones you originally had in mind. 

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