6 Features to Consider for a Master Bathroom Remodel

A master bathroom remodel can boost both the aesthetic and functional value of your home, making your largest bath a hidden oasis suited to your unique style. If you’ve been toying with the idea of having your space redone, chances are you’ve already been scouring websites or magazines for inspiration. As you brainstorm ways to make your space come to life, here are a few more master bathroom remodel ideas to consider.  

1. Double vs. Single Sinks 

Because most master baths are shared by two people, double sinks can eliminate hassle during morning and bedtime routines. While they also take up more space than a single sink, they can also provide additional storage underneath. 

2. Privacy Features

Since your space is likely to be shared, consider any ways to enhance privacy. One trend bathroom remodel contractors are seeing more and more is a private toilet room. You might also consider whether glass shower doors will suit your space. While stall showers with doors have been replacing traditional tub/shower combos with shower curtains for many years now, they do provide less privacy. To keep your shower space more concealed, consider a textured glass finish. 

3. Curbless Shower 

Another shower feature to consider is a curb-free feature. Not only does this style minimize any obstacles for people with mobility challenges, it also achieves a seamless aesthetic well-suited to minimalist or modern designs. To accommodate this style, the rest of the room will need to have higher flooring so that water can flow down into the drain.  

4. Soaking TubSelect Home Solutions

If you enjoy taking baths, a spacious tub is a must-have feature for your master bath. Freestanding tubs such as the clawfoot style have made a resurgence in recent years. These features can add an element of luxury to both modern and traditional baths. If you’re seeking a spa-like ambiance, consider a drop-in tub. To truly spoil yourself, you might also opt for whirlpool jets. 

5. Storage

Storage is an important feature in any bathroom, but in the master bath especially, you’ll likely find yourself needing extra space. While under-counter storage can provide some space for stowing towels, cosmetics, and hygiene products, you might also think about having additional cabinetry installed. Built-in storage towers are especially popular for larger bathrooms. If your space is limited, ladder towel racks, shelves, and hanging baskets can also provide storage space without taking up too much room. 

6. Unique Lighting 

Another trend popping up across master baths is statement lighting. While bathroom lighting was traditionally very minimalistic, today’s homeowners are using ornate chandeliers to add an element of luxury. Recessed lighting is a better option for spa-like spaces, while skylights can incorporate natural light for fresh, modern bathrooms. 

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