5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Flooring Contractor

With proper care, many types of flooring can last for decades. Yet, as with any feature in your home, there may come a time when your floors near the end of their lifespan. When that happens, you can call a flooring contractor to outfit your space with gorgeous new tile, laminate, vinyl, hardwood, or your other preferred material. Here’s how you’ll know when it’s time to start looking into replacement options.

1. Cracked Tiles

Tile can last many decades, and in some cases, even up to a century, if they’re well maintained. When one tile cracks, it can be replaced without the need for a new, full installation. Yet, if you have cracked tiles that are also decades old and no longer suit your style, you may want to consider a replacement anyway. In many cases, tiles from yesteryear have gone out of production anyhow, so replacing the floor can ensure uniformity and a fresh, modern look.

2. Peeling Floors

There are relatively few issues vinyl and laminate flooring will experience, but one telltale sign that these materials need replacing is peeling. While vinyl can last up to two decades, you may be able to get a few more years out of laminate. As you approach these time frames, you may begin to notice the floor peeling up in certain areas. This means the adhesive underneath is beginning to fail. At this point, the top layer may also begin to wear away. Once these issues occur, the best thing to do is schedule a replacement with a flooring contractor.

3. Stubborn Stains

Carpet is the most notorious material for holding on to everything, especially stains. From pet accidents, to spilled beverages, they can leave discoloration behind. While home remedies can sometimes address spills when they’re caught early enough, these solutions can only go so far. If your stains just won’t budge, it may be time to replace your flooring. This time around, you might consider a more stain-resistant material, such as laminate, tile, or vinyl – especially if you have children or pets.

4. Shifting or Sloping

Like tile, hardwood can last many decades if properly maintained. For scuffs and other cosmetic issues, refinishing the wood may be enough to revamp the floor’s appearance. Yet, structural issues typically warrant a full replacement. In older homes, you may notice issues like loud squeaking, shifts while walking, or sloping. In these circumstances, only a replacement from an experienced flooring contractor will do.

5. Rips, Tears, or Odors

In addition to stains, carpets can also become unsightly when they develop rips or tears. Over time, the fabric may start to come further and further undone, at which point they can even become a trip hazard. Older carpeting also tends to retain odors – no matter how many times you shampoo it. A sturdier replacement material may be better suited for your space if you’re experiencing these issues. Plus, you could always add rugs for added cushioning and style.


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