5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Remodeling Contractor

Hiring the right remodeling contractor to renovate one’s home is arguably the toughest decision to make since it usually incurs huge financial investment. New and inexperienced homeowners are usually faced with this challenge as this decision will determine how beautiful and comfy their homes would look and feel. In the process of interviewing prospective remodeling contractors, here are 7 important questions to ask in order to ensure you’re getting the best contractor.Remodeling Contractor

Are you licensed?

This should be the first and the most important question you should ask your contractor. A license is a form of identification and legality of any organization. It is of utmost importance that your contractor should be able to cover for the cost of any accident that might ensue while working for you. If your contractor is without a license, don’t even attempt to hire them. Hiring an unlicensed contractor is risky because you will have to assume liability for their safety. So, before you hire a contractor, make sure you’ve requested a copy of his or her license, and don’t forget to check for the expiring date.

What’s your estimate and estimated timeframe for this job?

You feel a sense of calm when you have a fairly solid idea of the total cost of the project and the exact date and time that your project is going to be completed. So when hiring a remodeling contractor, you should remember to ask him/her to provide you with the estimated cost and timeframe for the completion of the project. If he can’t, there might arise issues between you two as time goes on. Just like the usual saying, the more detailed you are in documents, the better.

How should we communicate?

There are several ways by which people can communicate – By calls, text messages, e-mails, direct contact, etc. Before hiring a contractor, you must have discussed the best possible way to communicate. Because some contractors hate to be disturbed while they are working.

How long has your company been in business?

Remodeling projects are usually technical and require competent contractors. Asking how long a company has been in business will expose you to how competent the company is, and how they treat their clients. A company with a long history and good track record wouldn’t risk a sudden shutdown thereby leaving your project halfway completed.

Can you provide a warranty after the job has been completed?

This is a test of competence. A warranty is a written assurance that a particular project will meet certain specifications. For instance, if you hire a Bathroom remodel contractor, they should be able to assure you that there won’t be leakages after the work has been completed. A Flooring contractor should guarantee you that the remodeled floor would last the test of time. So, always remember to request a written warranty agreement.

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