5 Clever Ways to Maximize Storage Space with Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom storage can be tricky: while it’s typically one of the smallest rooms in the house, this space is also a key area for your getting-ready and before-bed routines. Many homeowners, therefore, have a fair amount of cleaning supplies, toiletries, and linens they need to stow away, but in smaller bathrooms, finding the space can be challenging. Fortunately, there are always new ways to take advantage of the space you do have with a little strategic planning and revamping.  

If you’re considering bathroom remodeling, Denver, CO contractors, Select Home Solutions, has some ideas to help you maximize your storage space below. 

1. Have a Tower Installed

Bathroom towers are practical ways to give everything in the room a designated spot. From linens to hygiene products, you’ll be able to stow all of your belongings away in the tower’s shelves and drawers. Best of all, these unique cabinets are often narrow enough to fit in even smaller bathrooms.

2. Make Use of Vertical Space 

Bathroom vanities are ideal for providing horizontal storage space, but many bathrooms also have ample vertical space that goes underutilized. Here are a few ideas for taking advantage of open wall space:

  • Have shelves installed in awkward spaces you wouldn’t otherwise use. The area above the toilet is one perfect example.  
  • Consider a storage ladder. Ideal for hanging towels, this simple addition isn’t just functional, but also adds a decorative touch to your space. 
  • Have a wall rack mounted. You can use lattice-style racks with pegs for towels, or straight bars at various tiers. 
  • Use decorative hanging baskets. If you don’t want to commit to shelving, they’re an excellent alternative for stowing towels, washcloths, and other bathroom essentials. 
  • Hang cubbies. Another alternative to open shelving, cubbies make it easy to stash rolled-up towels. You can even repurpose an old crate and hang it on its side for a farmhouse-style touch.

3. Hide Bins on Cabinet Doors

The backsides of cabinet doors are perfect for storing small, light objects that easily get misplaced. Think about installing magnetic strips and using cups with magnets glued on to hold supplies like hair ties, cotton balls, and bandages. 

4. Stash Items Beneath the Sink 

A deep, wide vanity provides plenty of space for your cleaning products, extra toilet tissue, and other belongings you’d like to keep out of sight. Choose a style with deep drawers, and consider adding a lazy Susan so your supplies are always easy to access.

If you have a pedestal sink instead of a vanity, you can still make use of space beneath it using decorative baskets.

5. Consider Custom Built-Ins

Another way to capitalize on extra wall space is with built-ins. From medicine cabinets that close to open shelving for towels and toiletries, these options are especially well-suited for bathrooms that already have limited space, since they won’t extend outwards into the room. 


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