5 Benefits of Tile Flooring

If you’re considering a new flooring installation for your interior, you have many options to consider. In particular, tile flooring remains a popular choice among homeowners, thanks to its many aesthetic and functional benefits. To help determine whether you should contact tile flooring contractors for your home’s upgrade, here are a few advantages to consider

1. Versatility

First and foremost, tile is known for its outstanding versatility, making it a suitable choice for various rooms throughout the house and virtually any aesthetic. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in a broad range of styles. Some have even been made to convincingly recreate the look of wood, which is achieved especially well when paired with the right grout. You can also select tile resembling natural stone, or accentuate a key space in your home with intricate mosaics.

2. Water Resistance

If you’re considering a flooring installation for your mudroom, laundry space, kitchen, bathroom, or basement, you might want to make tile your first choice. Tiles receive protective glazing overtop, making their surface impervious to water and stains. With proper care, you won’t have to worry about mold, rot, or warping caused by dampness. Any high-moisture environment or areas prone to spills are therefore well-suited for this flooring style. 

3. Low Maintenance

Anyone seeking a simple flooring solution that’s easy to maintain can find it in tile. Dry mopping or sweeping is generally enough to keep the floors looking great in between deeper cleanings, which could entail mopping or wet vacuuming. Tile flooring can be particularly beneficial in homes with pets and children, as there are no fibers in which pet hair or messes can get trapped (as is the case with carpeting). 

4. Durability

Here are some other reasons homes with pets and children are ideal for tile: the flooring holds up exceptionally well against heavy traffic. Consumer Reports has even rated porcelain tile as the top flooring choice for scratch resistance.  With its ability to resist stains and general wear, tile flooring is a highly durable option. Homeowners seeking to stretch their budget are often drawn to tile floors, as they’re considered a cost-effective choice that can last many years.

5. Simple Repairs

One downfall of tile is that it does have less impact resistance than other flooring styles. Thus, accidentally dropping a heavy object on the tile could lead to shattering. The good news is broken tiles can be easily replaced. While other types of flooring repairs can be costly and time-consuming, new single tiles can be installed in place of compromised ones with a simple DIY project. When you schedule your installation, just ask your flooring contractor if you can purchase a few extra tiles to have on hand.

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